About Me
For twenty-plus years, I’ve been solving problems for people and clients. The problems vary but the approach remains the same. Gather all the information. Synthesize it into a clear direction. And work with the best talent in the business to create the solution. 
As a Creative Director, my job is to strategically develop ideas that go beyond the brief and challenge everyone around me to excellence. Since I was a baby Art Director, I’ve been concepting, designing, writing, presenting and selling ideas that span across all aspects of the marketing spectrum. If I had to pick a specialty, it would be Retail Advertising and Shopper Marketing with a minor in B2B and Direct Selling.
I create integrated marketing campaigns that span OLV, Print, Outdoor, Digital, Social, Web, Email, CRM, In-store, Events and Collateral. I am constantly evolving and learning about how best to reach consumers, shoppers where they are, no matter what the device or location. 
I have extensive photography and directing experience and have traveled the globe creating content with the best directors, photographers, DP’s and stylists in the industry. I also work on my own consulting with small businesses and developing solutions that bring their business challenges to market.
Thank you!