Being asked as a small shop to pitch AT&T retail is a big deal. When I started at Kreber, AT&T came to us asking for us to take a look at what Kreber could do differently than the traditional shopper agencies. They were looking for some fresh approaches that brought a shopper to the store to buy just one more thing on their visit, not just a phone. This was part of a broader strategy to turn the AT&T retail stores into a technology destination beyond the typical contract renewals, repairs and tech support. 
My first order of business was to educate Kreber on shopper marketing approaches and to hire a freelance planning team to create a strategy for us to build off of. Our strategy for the assignment was New Beginnings leveraging the insight that “80% of smartphone users check their mobile devices within fifteen minutes of waking up each morning.” This was our AHAH Moment. The first brand interaction everyday is with their cellphone!
I assembled an in-house team as well as brought together shopper experts to create a fully integrated campaign that targeted shoppers along the path to purchase. We developed the concept of “Exponential Potential” to change the conversation from just the phone store to a technology hub. 
Agency: Kreber. Role: Creative Director, Shopper Expert and weekend pizza delivery guy. 
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